Mission and Vision

Never feel satisfied striving to be flexible and quick to react to the ever changing market. Our #1 goal as a company is customer satisfaction. Even though Feinrohren has become one of the leading companies, we have never forgotten our roots and our mission to strive every day to provide our customers a better service. With that goal in mind we “run” to satisfy customers, to increase our flexibility, because we are never satisfied. We push ourselves because we want to be the best, but mainly because it is our DNA!

Quality Vision

With the continued implementation of a Quality Management System documented and certified, the Company aims to ensure the quality of its products to meet customer requirements and regulatory requirements by consolidating the image obtained in their field.

The company is based on the principles of the essential FOUR MISSIONS:



the company needs to understand the current and future needs of its customers, satisfy their requirements and strive to exceed their expectations.



improving internal and external performance must be a goal.



must be the thrust that propels us into the future.



without affecting the three principles above is the condition to remain market leaders.

Human Resource Vision

  •  The improvement of its professionalism ‘and that of any subject through continuous training processes and verified. Managers need to create and maintain an environment that fully involves all staff;
  •  The critical and responsible participation in the processes of solving business problems. People at all levels are a key resource, through their full involvement develops growing organization;
  •  The belief that the quality ‘is the sum of: quality staff + product quality + quality of the service;
  • The open communication between business departments involved. Collaboration based on the analysis of data and information should help identify, understand and manage issues of processes and contribute to the effectiveness and efficiency of the organization;
  • The detection analytical and structured corporate performance of: Personnel (professionalism, reliability, efficiency); Product (quality, productivity, efficiency); Service (respect of the orders and delivery times). The care and cleaning of the environment and of the working tools. Have a neat and clean environment helps create a more serene and reduces the likelihood of errors and / or accidents;
  • Senior management is aware of the difficulties and obstacles to overcome for the realization of this demanding program but it is certain that the application convinced Management System for Quality and above all the involvement and collaboration of all the staff motivated him make it feasible. After the introduction of the System of Management of Health and Safety of Workers under the BSI OHSAS 18001.

Environmental Vision

Feinrohren has developed in more than 50 years through a vision of sustainability in the medium to long term. New generations who work in the company, firmly believe that protecting the environment is a core value to ensure a stable future for our company. For this reason we constantly invest resources to make more secure the workplace and protect the environment from pollution by producing CLEAN ENERGY.

In 2013 we installed a PV SYSTEM 1000 kWp of Renewable. In the short term is to get the certification of the Environmental Management System, ISO 14001