Health and Safety Vision

POLICY STATEMENT ON HEALTH AND SAFETY AT WORK (SSL) Feinrohren S.p.A., with factories in Passirano and Lumezzane (BS), is a company that carries out the production of pipes in non-ferrous metal (copper and aluminum) of different diameters, with major processes of extrusion / casting, die and finish. Feinrohren S.p.A. considers workers as a fundamental and indispensable to the achievement of business objectives and will promote, within the general policy of the company, actions to ensure greater protection of the health and safety of workers in the workplace. Feinrohren S.p.A. therefore it undertakes: ➢ad work to ensure accountability in the management of OSH covering all employees, each within their own functions and responsibilities;

  • sensitive managers, supervisors and workers on issues of safety at work, and to inform and train workers to perform their duties and assume behaviors at work in conformity with the safety provisions;
  • involving workers, through their safety representatives, on issues concerning the health and safety at work, and on the risk assessment;
  • ad eliminate / minimize the risk of accidents at work or occupational disease, in relation to knowledge acquired based on technical progress, favoring intervention at source;
  • a replace, as regards the products used, what is dangerous with what is not or less dangerous;
  • a to minimize the number of workers who are, or may be, exposed to the risks;
  • ad ensure adequate resources, human, technological and financial resources to respect and maintain the commitments set out above.

For the prevention Feinrohren S.p.A. ensures not only the simple compliance with legal requirements and any technical regulations of the field more restrictive freely assumed, but, through appropriate planning, adopt specific targets, and ensure the establishment of programs to achieve them, and check them periodically review them in order to obtain a creating better working conditions for health and safety, even on the basis of technical standards, guidelines or proposals of international organizations. The prevention policy in the field of health and safety at work will be documented, implemented and operated by management’s commitment and involvement of staff at all levels and departments concerned, according to the procedures laid down in this regard by the standard BS- OHSAS 18001: 2007 Management System of Health and Safety at Work (OHSAS). This policy statement will be communicated to all employees, made available to interested parties and periodically reviewed to ensure the fairness and appropriateness in time.