Company Information and History

We have a rich trident and history but bring a new and fresh approach to the current market.

PTubes, Inc. is the US subsidiary of Feinroren S.p.A. – Italy

Feinrohren today, in terms of footage, the world’s largest producer of copper tubes and capillaries. This is the result of a company policy has always been oriented to the realization of products of the highest quality, reliability and innovation. We strive to preserve an increasingly resource-poor world.

Faustino Pasotti in 1959, inspired by a friend producer of refrigerators and helped by his sons, founded Lumezzane, thriving industrial district specialized in metalworking, a small department for the production of capillary tubes for refrigerators: so was born Feinrohren. Through a policy of continuous profit, the small drawing department becomes, in two decades, the first capillary drawing mill of copper in the world, a strong customer base made up of the major global players of the appliance white. To complete the range of products more than 5 mm outside diameter and to meet the demands of the multinationals of the appliance, in 1990 Feinrohren decides the realization of an ultra-modern facility in the industrial site of Passirano. Here are used the best technology for the production of copper pipes aided by the experience it gained for decades in the area of the capillary tube. After only ten years of life Feinrohren Passirano is a point of reference in terms of European productivity per plant. In 1996 he joins the product family Feinrohren the coated copper tube through the acquisition of Zetaesse, company located in Vedelago (Treviso, Italy), a leading European manufacturer of coated copper tube and strongly internationalized thanks to the size and quality a prominent range offer, also made from cross-linked polyethylene foam for applications in the construction, automotive, clothing, footwear, shipbuilding, etc. Feinrohren, thanks to its financial strength and following their vocation to technological innovation, in 2010 built a new plant cast & roll. This significant investment, as well as making Feinrohren the European company’s most technologically advanced in its sector, enables the Group to verticalize its production.

In the process of sustainable development in 2013 Feinrohren invests in green energy and install a photovoltaic system 1000 kWp. In search of the perfect service: in 2011 was acquired TONOLI S.R.L., a leader for 20 years in the international distribution of capillary tubes and copper for refrigeration, air conditioning and for the distribution of gas Medical; only a year later, in 2012, the group acquired Feinrohren Sogetub, a leader in the distribution market in the French tubes and capillaries for refrigeration, air conditioning and water & heating, in addition to the complete range of accessories for the three sectors. The internationalization of the group Feinrohren continues with the birth in 2014 of PTubes, distributor for the US market with two locations in the US.