ACR and Refer Copper Pipe and Tube

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Brand Recognition

Highly recognized by contractors for the highest quality product currently in the market.

Improved Reputation offering PTs product in the market

Our goal is to offer a brand that offers the highest values due to our Vision and effect on Environment, Quality and Safety


Strictest production control to produce up to code and standard compliance: Our Quality Vision does not allow PT any compromise; with Our product You’ll be sure to not to fail because of any code or standard fulfillment and inspection; all products are produced starting exclusively from pure raw materials. Our copper is made from pure ore, therefore free of any scraps or recycled copper.


PTubes is fully insured and we stand behind our product. PT is fully liable for any failure or problem. That is an important protection for business of Yours and Your Customers.

Competitive Advantage

Company manufactures both copper pipe and insulation. We are fully verticla and product is consistent among time; insulation, bare copper and per-insulated product is consistent time after time.

Inner surface cleanness much higher than standard requirements. That make out pipe installation safe even with the most sensitive equipment.

No scarp used in the manufacturing process. So no micro particle could generata any kind of corrosion.

Copper eccentricity and thickness consistency is at the state of the art in terms of precision; it makes the copper kinking sensitive less likely.

Standard ASTM B280 permanently incised and engraved, not only inked, besides the manufacturer name Feinrohren S.p.A..

Packaging is stackable and upon 4way pallet. It can guarantee product protection and shrinking inventory prevention.

Quality control on each carton; each carton is signed by the operator.

No space between foam and pipe so it makes R value actual R value.

Product stocked on both West and East coast. So we have quick time shipments.